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  1. Greg Greene coached a flint summer baseball team Country Squire to the city championship in 1966. I had a few good friends on that team. I was not on the team. We were 11 then.Three years later he coached my summer team. Macs Electric. We lost in the city semi finals. By then rumors were circulating about Greene. We k new younger kids hung around with him. Rode around in his car. He bought them gifts. But there wasn’t anything substantial or provable.Everyone had suspicions. Then I think a year or so after that he went to California?Around 1976 my younger brother asked me did I know GregGreene. Green wanted my brother to play for his team.I told my brother,no way stay clear because by then it was almost common knowledge in the neighborhood he was involved in very unsavory activities. After he went to prison guys who had played for his team’s talked about him and wondered who if anyone on the team’s had he tried to molest. We had some ideas but really nothing we believed. He was a predator,looking for easy marks.I see most it not all those kids , as somewhat strong personalities. Who knows. Maybe he hadn’t become he deviate he was to become later.It is fascinating to look back and realize this guy,Greene, who was a good coach, was quite possibly involved in the oakland county child killings. Fascinating,scary and very sad for the children and their families.

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